Images of Lakes, Streams, Oceans and Waterfalls Multnomah Falls, 2006  (A2006_05_16_27)Water III, Seattle, June 2006  <A2006_06_20_17>Water I, Seattle, June 2006   (A2006_06_20_15)Water II, Seattle, June 2006  <A2006_06_20_16>Multnomah Falls II, Oregon, 2006    (A2006_05_16_35)Clouds in the Water, Seattle, August 2006  (A2006_08_29_40)Water IV, Seattle, June 2006  (A2006_06_20_18)Flying Fish, Seattle, 2005  (P9080055)Cannon Beach, August 2005   (P8220075)Clouds in Water II, Seattle, WA  August 2006  (A2006_08_29_29)Water X-Ray, Seattle, WA  January 2006  (A2006_03_01_23)Dancing Reflections, Seattle, WA March 2006  (A2006_03_01_37)Clouds in the Water III, Seattle, August 2006  (A2006_08_29_40)Cloud Reflections, Japanese Garden, Seattle, March 2006 (A2006_03_01_)Clouds in the Water II, Seattle, March 2006  (A2006_08_29_29)