Images to Greet You

Last Lily, 2009 (A2009_02_19_3)Salem, Oregon, 2007 (A2007_05_13_17)Cannon Beach, 2008 (A2008_08_27_87)Multnomah Falls, 2006  (A2006_05_16_27)Venice, California, February 2009  (A2009_02_25_2)Water Lilies, Japanese Garden, Seattle, 2006  (A2006_04_27_44)Cannon Beach, 2005 (P8220067)Grasses, Denver, 2006  (A2006_01_15_55)Leaf, Seattle, WA, October, 2008 (A2008_10_27_20)Black and Pink Tulips, LaConner, WA, May 2009   (A2009_05_03_12)Cannon Beach, Oregon, 1991Santorini, Greece, 1984Sinai Peninsula, 1982Jerusalem, Israel, 1983Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles, 1980Northern Washington Coast, 1993Cannon Beach, Oregon  1993Los Angeles, California, 1980       Greece, October 1984Barataria Swamp, Louisiana, October 1996